Confident Pluralism

Confident pluralism is a socio-political philosophy associated with the American legal philosopher John Inazu (Washington University in St. Louis).

Confident Pluralism argues that we can and must live together peaceably in spite of deep and sometimes irresolvable differences over politics, religion, sexuality, and other important matters. We can do so in two important ways – by insisting on constitutional commitments that honor and protect difference and by embodying tolerance, humility, and patience in our speech, our collective action (protests, strikes, and boycotts), and our relationships across difference. Confident Pluralism suggests that it is often better to tolerate than to protest, better to project humility than defensiveness, and better to wait patiently for the fruits of persuasion than to force the consequences of coercion. We hope to indigenize confidental pluralism in the Australia political scene to create a more tolerant and pluralistic society.