A Dunkirk Moment for the Anti-Gambling Lobby

At the moment I feel despondent, the Gambling Lobby continues to buy politicians, and even buy elections.

The hotels and clubs association spent a ridiculous amount of money supporting the re-election of the liberal Will Hodgman government (see here).

And it seems that Stephen “Cat’s Milk” Conroy has succeeded in getting his labour mate Daniel Andrews not to introduce a 15% point of consumption tax for on-line gambling in Victoria. Which, unsurprisingly, only The Australian reported on.

Gamblor, the gambling lobby, continues to grow in power and strength, the will of politicians to resist them, or to even avoid being seduced by them is shrinking.

It is a Dunkirk day for anti-gambling lobby forces … but D-Day is coming!

Photo is Greens Councillor Samantha Dunn.