Why We Need Gambling Reform Now

Here’s the link to an article I wrote on why we need gambling reform in Australia.

Partly contains my own story of the havoc that gambling addiction caused in my family, plus my manifesto on what to do about it:

(1) A bi-partisan ban on the gambling industry and its subsidiaries making donations to any political party;

(2) A ban on politicians or their staff working for any lobby group, board, or consultative firm employed by the gambling industry within five years of leaving Parliament.

(3) Treat gambling like tobacco by banning advertising on television and ending sponsorship of sporting teams and stadiums.

(4) States direct revenues from gambling away from their budget and into an independently managed infrastructure fund;

(5) In pubs and clubs, restrict the withdrawal amounts on ATMs and mandate a $1 bet limit on all machines.

As someone who grew up in the chaos, hardship and violence created by gambling addiction, I plead with our political leaders to get real about gambling reform.