When LGBTI Advocates Sadly Go Cannibal

Journalist and gay right activist Shannon Molloy forced to quit NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby for being employed by News Corp.

The Guardian reports that News Corp journalist Shannon Molloy was compelled to resign from the board of the New South Wales Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby after a targeted campaign against him led by Rodney Chiang-Cruise because he works for News Corp.

Despite being a courageous advocate for LGBTI rights and defending the Safe-Schools program, Molloy was targeted because he works for News Corp, a media conglomeration normally associated with conservative views.

Molloy’s resignation is sadly evidence of hypocrisy within the LGBTI community. While some LGBTI activist claim they want to promote inclusion and tolerance, their actions towards figures like Molloy demonstrate that they are all too willing to use social media to demonize and ostracize anyone who is found associating with groups that are not politically progressive. No wonder transgender journalist Catherine McGregor has warned of the tyranny of the leftist pink mafia.

In addition, one has to ask, if News Corp is so conservative and so resistant to LGBTI advocacy, why does it even employ Molloy in the first place and give him a platform? Maybe News Corp isn’t quite the anti-LGBTI monster it is cracked up to be.

The LGBTI community is at their best when they share stories of oppression and bullying and ask only to be treated fairly. They are at their worst when they become the very bullies that they have been warning us about.

Fortunately the NSW GLRL has condemned the campaign against Molloy and warmly supported him, in a report stating, “Shannon has the total support of the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, and should he ever wish to return to the organisation to help create positive change for our community, an issue which is so dear to his heart, we will welcome him back with open arms. The unwarranted abuse has to stop.”

Molloy writes in the Australian:

I’ve copped bullies my entire life. They’re the worst. They’re mean, without reason and they typically don’t give up, even when the fight is won. But to endure this from within my own community is the most disappointing thing I’ve encountered in a long time. For the most part, the LGBTIQ community is warm, welcoming and supportive. The GLRL and groups just like it across Australia contribute an enormous amount to society and work tireless for equality and fairness of all kinds. And it’s worth pointing out that my employer has shown incredibly overwhelming concern, ensuring I’m coping and even making very generous public statements of support. For you see, the world isn’t black and white as Rodney sadly sees it.

Good on him for standing tall.

Photo: Shannon Molloy’s Webpage