Trump and the Media in Epic Death Match

One thing is clear. Trump and the media are involved in an epic deathmatch and only one of them will be left standing at the end.

If Trump’s campaign operated in knowing collaboration with, or with support from, the Russian government, then it is treason pure and simple. Even if Trump can prove his own ignorance in this matter and attribute it to a rogue element of his campaign team – like Mike Flynn – that might not be enough to save him from impeachment. Consorting with foreign powers on the sly to influence an election does not bode well for a republican democracy. Neither does trying to coerce FBI Director James Comey to end the investigation into links with Russia pass legal muster. Trump might not last another hundred days if evidence is found against him.

Alternatively, if no evidence of collaboration from the Russians is found, then it would look like the mainstream media has manufactured the whole thing to bring down the Trump administration. They wrongly assumed the Russian interference in the election – which no-one can deny – was done in coordination with the Trump campaign. It would mean that the mainstream media, just like the Russians, is trying to rig democracy in the favor of one side of politics.

A Trump vindication, or even a Trump survival, will kindle incendiary remarks about the mainstream media, how they cannot be trusted, feed notions of a deep state conspiracy, and ferment further divisions.

A Trump impeachment or resignation might be a win for democracy but it will also embolden those who believe that a conservative administration can be toppled by a continuous avalanche of criticism and mockery, whether true or not, and potentially undermine democracy itself.

The credibility of Trump and the Media is on the line and only one is going to survive.

All eyes now on James Comey’s testimony to congress and on Robert Mueller and his investigation.